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Another 36.2% quit in a way that was perceived as negative, but not necessarily damaging to the employer, and 14.9% chose to resign using a method that could potentially inflict damage. “For much of employees work lives, they possess relatively little power and control over their situation at work. However, once employees decide to leave, that power balance shifts,” Klotz says. “As such, the resignation is one of the few times that employees are free to express themselves without fearing termination,” he adds, suggesting that employers consider the way in which employees resign as a “diagnostic tool” for measuring employee satisfaction. Saying Goodbye: The Nature, Causes, And Consequences Of Employee Resignation Styles[Screenshots: courtesy of Anthony Klotz] The study, which was recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology , was conducted in four parts. The first two interviewed 53 MBA students who had recently quit their jobs and 202 supervisors who had overseen a resignation within the previous three months. The third study asked 240 former employees how their thoughts and feelings toward their former employer informed their decision on how to resign, and the final study of nearly 500 managers explored how they responded to various resignation styles and scenarios. In his initial studies Klotz found that there were seven common ways in which people resign, listed in order of their frequency: By the book (31%). These resignations involve a face-to-face meeting with ones manager to announce the resignation, a standard notice period, and an explanation of the reason for quitting. Perfunctory (23.5%).

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